Three Game-Changing Insights from the NISA Leadership Conference

Nov 22, 2023

Hello everyone, Daniel Mori here from the National Independent Staffing Association. I recently had the privilege of attending the NISA Leadership Conference in Orlando, and I must say, it was an enlightening experience. The conference was packed with insightful speakers and valuable lessons, but there were three key takeaways that particularly resonated with me. I'm excited to share these insights with you, as they have the potential to significantly impact how we approach our businesses in the staffing industry.

1. The Power of Planning and Goal Alignment

One of the most impactful sessions was led by David Searns, who emphasized the importance of planning ahead and aligning personal goals with organizational objectives. This approach is not just about setting business goals but understanding what we, as leaders and our team members, personally aspire to achieve. Whether it's buying a new house, paying for education, or simply having more time for personal projects, understanding these personal goals can help align the company's direction. This alignment ensures that everyone is working towards a common purpose, making the work more meaningful and focused. I've started implementing this in my staffing company, encouraging leaders to share their personal goals so we can align them with our strategic planning.

2. Influencer Marketing in Staffing

The second takeaway revolves around the concept of influencer marketing, a strategy highlighted by both Tom Erb and David Searns. In the staffing industry, we often overlook the power of influencers in our market. By identifying and engaging with key influencers who have a significant impact on our target audience, whether they are candidates or clients, we can enhance our recruitment and sales strategies. This approach is about building trust and credibility with the influencers in the communities our prospects belong to. I'm currently working on integrating this strategy into our sales and recruitment processes, identifying key influencers and finding ways to engage with them effectively.

3. Leveraging Technology for Efficiency: Fireflies AI

The last takeaway is a tool called Fireflies AI, an artificial intelligence tool that attends and transcribes meetings. This tool is revolutionary for note-taking and organizing meeting outcomes, especially in a remote or hybrid work environment. It can capture detailed notes, identify action items, and even provide summaries of meetings. For staffing firms, this tool can be a game-changer in terms of candidate interviews and client meetings, ensuring no detail is missed and improving overall efficiency. I've started using Fireflies AI in my meetings and am exploring its potential in enhancing our recruitment processes.


These insights from the NISA Leadership Conference have opened up new avenues for how we can approach our business strategies, sales techniques, and use of technology in the staffing industry. I'm excited to implement these ideas and see the positive impact they will have. For those in the staffing industry looking to elevate their game, I highly recommend attending conferences like these and staying engaged with the community for continuous learning and growth.

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