How to Increase Candidate Referrals - David Folwell with Staffing Referrals

Sep 13, 2022

In this Staffing Monthly interview, David Folwell, CEO of Staffing Referrals breaks down the key parts of setting up and managing an effective candidate referral program that will drive your more candidates to your staffing agency.  He discusses key points like the pros and cons of single side versus double sided programs (the type that led to Uber's massive growth), and what the sweet spot is for referral payments to keep agencies from overspending on talent.  He covers some of the other key aspects of using referrals for placements like increasing retention.  He also shares an amazing story about how a very well know staffing agency used their candidate referral program to source more placements than their job boards...yep..even Indeed!  If you are a staffing professional and are feeling the pain of not having enough quality candidates to fill your open orders, then you definitely need to watch this interview!

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