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This is for the staffing and recruiting professional that wants to improve their abilities and stay ahead of the competition.  You will get access to some of the best staffing and recruiting training relating to sales, recruiting, and industry resource reviews. Plus some pretty sweet discounts on our courses.  All for just $497/month.

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Collaboration Sessions - LIVE

This is not your boring old tech/resource review.  Dan Mori invites leading industry resource partners on to share what they offer, how it really works, and how it can benefit the staffing and recruiting professional.  This is the best way to stay relevant on the best tools and resources in the staffing and recruiting industry. 

Bonus Sessions - LIVE

Dan Mori conducts two amazing sessions each month called "Hot Seats" and "Office Hours"; where he addresses the biggest challenges facing staffing and recruiting professionals today. He shares specific strategies and tactics to move past these challenges to grow towards success.

Monthly Training - LIVE

Each month Dan will deliver training on a specific topic related to sales and marketing strategies and tactics, sourcing and recruiting techniques, or how to leverage tools to grow your staffing and recruiting agency.  Trainings include how to get more clients, and how to increase candidate flow.

Masterclasses - FREE

With Staffing Mastery Members+ you will get free access to the masterclasses that we offer including Prospecting, Sales, Marketing, and Managers.

2 Year Salesperson

Development Plan

Staffing Mastery will provide you with a complete roadmap for developing your salesperson from brand new hire all the way to staffing and recruiting sales rockstar!

HR Talks

One of the most effective ways to grow your brand and business is positioning yourself as the go to expert. A great way to accomplish this is by delivering talks to HR groups.  We share with you comprehensive presentations that have been well received by prominent HR groups. 

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Private Facebook Group

Join an active community of staffing and recruiting professionals just like you where Dan shares additional content to help you grow.

50% Discounts

As a Staffing Mastery Member+ you will be entitled to free access to all masterclasses, and 50% discount on all other courses, and events.